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Unlock Your Potential and Achieve Success Through The Power of Healing

Heal, Achieve & Succeed with Samuel's Unique, Science-Backed Coaching...

Samuel has developed his own approach to healing which draws on 20 years of experience and research in psychology, neuroscience and holistic healing, addressing the root cause of your challenges so you can achieve real change (typically in 3x less time than traditional therapy).


Samuel helps you identify and release patterns hindering your progress and growth using evidence-based frameworks & techniques. He takes a soft, yet direct approach which rewires your nervous system and helps you break free from self-sabotaging behaviors. You'll experience profound transformation and reap benefits that extend well beyond your coaching with Samuel.


According to Samuel, healing doesn't require years of therapy, coaching or even medicine journeys. With the right relationship and framework, your higher self and truest potential can shine in just a matter of a weeks, and you can experience real confidence, joy, and fulfillment that will stay with you the rest of your life.

If you'd like to take this unique opportunity to work with an Asian-American man and expert in the science of healing, to not only feel better but to create the changes in your life you want & deserve, book a call using the link below to see if it's a good fit for you.

Samuel's Areas of Expertise

  • Dating & Relationship Issues

  • Confidence & Emotional Expression

  • Asian Identity & Masculinity

  • Career Fulfillment & Life Purpose

asian male therapist

Jason C., 28
Senior Product Manager

"After working with Samuel, I was able to connect with myself on a much deeper level. I have gained a greater sense of security and confidence in myself as a man. And this has benefited me in all arenas of life, from being more willing to speak up at my job, to approaching dating with greater awareness of my attachment style and triggers, to being willing to connect more deeply with friends. This process has been some of the most important and impactful work I will ever do for myself and I'm excited for more to come."

asian male therapist

Rob K., 43

"Samuel helped me understand what 'positive masculinity' is. This includes leading my family and embodying the King archetype. I am taking purposeful action, and feeling and acting like my ideal self. I am allowing my natural, tuned-in energy to flow in conversations, and am actively pursuing new friendships as well as potential partners.”

asian male therapist

Sam P., 27
Corporate Manager

“I came to Samuel to work on groundedness, self-worth, and setting stronger boundaries. In relationships, I tend to lose myself and it came from a place of fearing abandonment and rejection. One of the biggest things I learned with Samuel is owning my heart-centered nature and learning to integrate it into my masculinity. Most of all, I’ve become more confident in trusting myself and making decisions to live with integrity in my relationships, dating, and work settings.

asian male therapist

Jake B., 22
Competitive Weight Lifter

Being 22, I didn’t have a lot of experience when it came to dating. I’d never kissed anyone or gone even further from that having sex . After working with Samuel I had my first kiss and even had sex although things didn’t go well with that experience (it triggered his trauma). Samuel was there by my side helping me process that experience. Through Samuel I was able to find fun and joy in dating even after the hiccups that came along there.

asian male therapist

Liam H., 24

"I recommend working with Samuel because there aren’t that many coaches especially Asian who can relate to the struggles that accompany the cultural difference. I think having another person who has lived through the same experiences not only helped me feel more comfortable but also at peace."

asian male therapist

David H., 29
Graduate Student

“Samuel helped me be confident in my own skin and have autonomy over my life. He helped me realize confidence comes from being grounded in one’s authentic self which led to me taking up more space, being willing to face rejection, and not caring what other people think.”

asian male therapist

Aaron L., 36
Wedding Photographer

“The biggest revelation I had working with Samuel was overcoming my nice guy people pleasing tendencies and becoming way more confident in myself and my decisions. I’m not afraid to say something even if it were to cause possible discomfort or conflict and have gotten better at socializing and interacting with women. I’m amazed at how much I changed in such a short period of time!"

asian male therapist

Nathan V., 32
Youth Mentor

“The program has helped with increased confidence around dating and understanding what the feminine is looking for. Samuel helped me get past feelings of insecurity and ultimately embody my divine masculinity.”

asian male therapist

Anbu V., 30
Startup CEO

"I recommend working with Samuel because he not only helps you figure out the root problem that causes most of your issues, but then provides actionable steps to help you tackle and overcome those problems."

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What happens on the call with Samuel?

On the call, you and Samuel will have opportunities to ask questions to see if it's a good fit. Samuel will also help you clarify the real issue and give you a roadmap to solve it.

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