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Samuel is unique in the Asian mental health space having explored and navigated healing and self-actualization for over 20 years. With a focus on authenticity and a deep understanding of the unique challenges Asian-Americans face (identity, belonging, intergenerational trauma, stereotypes), Samuel provides a safe and empowering space for clients to not just learn but truly heal.


Read more about Samuel's unique approach and story.

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Samuel's Story

Samuel is a second-generation Korean American, born in the States to immigrant parents. During his early years, he experienced significant mental health issues which he sought refuge from through drugs and gang activities to cope. Despite these struggles, Samuel was guided by an inner knowing and exhibited an introspective nature and analytical mind which piqued his interest in psychology.


Motivated by his curiosity, Samuel pursued psychology in college, and had his first "awakening experience" his freshman year which ignited a thirst for knowledge and truth and caused him to leave his previous lifestyle. He became very academic, and began his search for truth in the brain, studying and working as a neuroscience researcher at the University of Washington (the #1 ranked clinical psychology school at the time). But his search soon turned "inwards" as he, by chance, stumbled into meditation and spirituality after enrolling in a Master's program in counseling at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) – a school renowned for its emphasis on holistic mental health and the body-mind-spirit connection. At CIIS, Samuel had his second major "awakening" where he not only learned to be a therapist & healer, but, for the first time, opened up to his authentic self.


Over the subsequent decade, Samuel worked as a psychotherapist in traditional mental health settings while embarking on his own transformational healing and self-realization journey. Through deep explorations of meditation, somatic and energetic practices, relational therapy and his own heritage's traditions of Zen Buddhism and Korean Shamanism, he underwent a radical shift in his consciousness that opened him up to a new way of approaching his work and life.


In 2018, Samuel underwent a third awakening, causing him to leave traditional mental health in favor of teaching and making the experience of healing accessible to a wider audience. Having learned Western therapeutic models AND Eastern spiritual practices which helped him heal from his Asian upbringing, Samuel saw a need for his education, training and experience in the Asian community and chose to direct his focus there.


Presently, Samuel focuses on teaching and working closely with the Asian community as a coach and facilitator. In contrast to traditional mental health paradigms centered on symptom management and diagnostic labels, his approach centers on fostering connection, providing education, and empowering individuals towards practical change. Over the past few years, Samuel has seen the power his unique healing approach has on AAPI folks, and has found a renewed sense of purpose in his work.


One of Samuel's current areas of expertise is in helping Asian men navigate mental health challenges and cultivate confidence in both professional and relational contexts. Having personally experienced and overcome the challenges Asian men face in Western culture, Samuel draws upon his own journey of mental health recovery, career fulfillment, and authentic dating & relationship to guide and support others facing similar obstacles.

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